Your Wedding Time Plan As A Crucial Ingredient For A Successful Wedding


Your wedding is one of those life events during which you want everything to go as planned. However, this can be quite challenging as there is so much to be done within a limited amount of time. To add to the complication, you’ll likely need to involve quite a number of people. These include those you know personally and service providers.

One of the ways to overcome this challenge is to have a good time plan for the event. Every activity should be allocated the appropriate amount of time. Any bride or groom wants to enjoy their wedding and remain relaxed throughout the event. Although this is possible, it also comes at a price – painstaking planning.

wedding checklist

While it’s important to understand that you can’t control everything and things may not always go as planned, you also don’t want to leave things to chance. Unfortunately, there are so many things to consider that you could easily overlook some of the most crucial. The following post describes some of them:

Here’s some advice from the pros on how to avoid some of the top wedding timeline mistakes.

Waiting until the last minute.

As soon as you’ve decided in what order you want events to occur (first dances, then appetizers, then dance party, then entrées) and roughly when you’d like them to happen, show the wedding day timeline to your day of team, says Li Zhou of LadyMarry. Share this information at least two weeks before the wedding so that you can work out any kinks well ahead of time. Read more at…

The next thing to watch out for is the use of the reception time. Although it’s the most relaxed part of the wedding for you and your guests, it’s also the time when things can quickly get out of hand. The following post describes what you need to consider in order to prevent your guests leaving early and disappointed:

The quality of time people spend at a wedding is far more important than the quantity of time. As the bride and groom, the host and hostess of this party, it is up to you to ensure your guests will enjoy themselves.

If guests are invited for a seven P.M. ceremony, start the ceremony by seven-fifteen or seven-twenty at the very latest. Once the ceremony is over, if there is a cocktail reception it should last no longer than 45 minutes to an hour. Read more at Colin Cowie Weddings…

As the post above describes, when you keep your guests in motion, they will always be anticipating the next activity, making for a fun and interactive event.

wedding dance

A major highlight for many weddings is the dance party. How do you make it fit well into your time plan? The following post offers tips on how to do this:

“We do a lot of consultations with couples who are asking us one consistent question:  How long should my dance party be?  While there is no set-in-stone answer for this question, there are a few things to consider when determining how long to keep the dance floor open.


This is the most obvious one.  You need to have a good idea how many people you expect to be on the dance floor to begin with at the end of the night.  Guest lists with a large portion of older family members will most likely see a drop off some time after cake cutting.  Exhaustion will set in, and they will want to make their exit before the other guests. Read more at Austin Wedding Day…

One major wedding consideration that really affects your ability to keep to the set timeline is transportation. Transition periods that are not well planned or executed will often cost you the most in terms of time spent. This is why you need a great wedding transportation service that won’t let you down.

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If you are looking for reliable wedding transportation in Charlottesville VA for your wedding day, call Camryn Limos today. We guarantee both efficient transport and a high quality customer experience. Choose from our fleet of vehicles for timely and luxurious transportation for you and your guests.

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The Modern Definition Of A Luxury Car Experience


In the past, cars were merely a means to get people from one point to the other. The main concern was the efficiency of transportation. However, once those objectives were met, new features were added to cars to make them even more valuable to users. Features that were in the past considered luxuries are now the order of the day as car manufacturers strive to stay ahead of the competition.

The focus is now on customer experience, which has become the measuring rod when choosing a car to purchase, hire or lease. The following highlights just how far car manufacturers have gone to make your car experience that much more pleasurable:

In fact, Ford’s long-struggling Lincoln brand is hoping it can rise above the rest of its luxury competitors by offering a suite of customer services, including a concierge that can arrange tickets to a play or even set up a “date night.” Starting with the 2017 Lincoln Continental, all new Lincoln models get standard pickup and delivery – along with a free loaner – when the car needs to go in for service or repairs.

“The goal,” said Consumer Marketing Manager Rob Rosenbach, “was not just to deliver a laundry list” of traditional luxury cues, but to focus on the “ownership experience.” Read more at NBC News…

luxury car interior

A lot of investment goes into ensuring the most basic car features are enhanced to deliver an unforgettable experience. As an example, the following post describes how seats have undergone various transformations over the years to enhance the riding experience:

“We always focus on the design of the dashboard or the concept of the car … and the seats seem to be something we sketch later,” laments Darren Day, head of interior design for Bentley Motors.

Sure, there’ve been some exceptions along the road to seating perdition, including the addition of heating, ventilation and massage functions — along with offbeat options like the outward-swiveling seats came into vogue during the 1950s. But by and large, seats are an afterthought, which is surprising, given that they account for roughly 5% of a car’s total cost and about 6% of its weight.

But that dynamic is changing as car designers look to interiors as the next laboratory for innovative differentiation. And as driverless cars become a reality, experts predict that seat designs will evolve even further and head in previously unimaginable directions. Read more at BBC…

modern car

So with all these changes coming up, it’s the customer that stands to benefit from the enhanced luxury car experience.

If you are going to hire a car service in Virginia that you will really enjoy, look no further than Camryn Limousine. Our luxury limousines are equipped with first-class facilities to make your ride the once-in-a-lifetime kind.

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Professional Corporate Transportation To Make Your Business Trip A Success


The corporate world today is more dynamic and fast-paced than it has ever been. It calls for the proper organization of all the necessary resources so that efficiency is achieved. Whether you take business trips frequently or occasionally, you need a reliable transportation service that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals with minimal inconvenience if any.

Choosing a good transportation service requires that you consider some essential factors. The following post explains some of the things you ought to look out for when choosing your transportation provider for a business trip:

…For the best experience, research potential corporate transportation services with the following factors in mind:

  • Experience: A quality car service has been in business for several years. Before booking a particular town car service, do a bit of digging as to the business’ track record regarding customer service. Read more at…

Due to the growing need to achieve more faster, the transportation company should offer modern enhancements that will make your travel more relaxed and convenient.

business travel map

Another crucial transportation requirement when it comes to business trips is airport transport. The potential for frustration is high when taking long trips, particularly if you’re visiting new places that you’re not familiar with. A reliable airport transportation company is just what you need. The following post explains why you should consider a limousine service for airport transport:

The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Limousine for Airport Service

Business professionals need efficient and reliable ways to travel to corporate events and meetings. Time is money and when you’re traveling in and out of an airport a lot, time tends to get wasted and anxieties run high when you need to make an important flight. When it comes to investing in the most reliable transportation to ensure you’re always on time for a flight or business meeting, nothing beats an airport limousine service. And here are the top reasons why you need to look into hiring one for future corporate travel. Read more at Modern Limo Service…

If you don’t want to take any chances, a professional limo service will make your travels smooth and relaxed.

business travel car

If your next business trip is to Virginia, Camryn Limousine is ready to provide the best services to cater to your transportation needs. Not only do we have a variety of cars you can choose from, we also guarantee professional services that will ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Contact us today for the best in business and airport transportation services available.

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Here’s Why You Should Make Virginia Your Next Art Destination


If you’re an art enthusiast, it’s time to take a trip to Virginia and experience its rich art. And if you’re an artist and looking for some inspiration, this is where you need to be. Taking an art tour to Virginia is guaranteed to be one of those trips that you’ll find both educational and fun. You really don’t want to miss out on that.

Charlottesville Virginia stands out as one of the rapidly advancing art destinations in the U.S, comparable to popular art cities such as New York. The following post explains why:

Arts & Culture

Despite having just 1/195th the population of New York City, Charlottesville has an arts & culture scene that amazingly rivals that of any metropolis in the country.  Don’t believe us?  Just look at some of the performers who have swung by recently; Sheryl Crow, Lady Gaga, U2, Jay-Z, Kenny Chesney, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen (twice).  With all those big names, it’s easy to forget Dave Matthews created his band while bartending on our Downtown Mall and regularly plays sold out shows in Charlottesville. Read more at Visit Charlottesville…

In addition to Virginia offering some of the richest sights in the country, some of the world renowned artists developed their knowledge and skill at the University of Virginia.

art child painting

You may also want to visit some of the museums and take in the natural beauty that Charlottesville offers. You may be looking for inspiration for your next project and want to think outside the box. The following post highlights one place you need to visit while in Virginia:

Fralin Museum of Art in Charlottesville, VA

The Fralin Museum of Art in Charlottesville is dedicated to showcasing a collection of over 14,000 works which include African art, American Indian art, and European and American painting, and photography. Previously known as the University of Virginia Art Museum, the Fralin is situated in the historic Thomas H. Bayly Building on Rugby Road at the University of Virginia and is just minutes away from the University Rotunda. It also presents a range of temporary and traveling exhibitions throughout the year and serves as a teaching museum for academic departments in the university, as well as offering several community outreach programs. Read more at Vacation Idea…

Fralin Museum art tour

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

You don’t even have to wait till summer to make your trip. And you can be sure your trip will feel like a vacation, but with all the benefits of an educational trip too.

There is no better way to take an art tour in Virginia than to combine it with some luxury. Camryn Limousine will turn your trip into a lifetime experience through our Camryn Art Tours. We will gladly take you round the best art destinations in Virginia in our limousines, luxury vans, SUVs or sedans, depending on the size of your group.

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Make your reservations and take advantage of our special weekday rates to make your art tour all the more affordable. Call us today!

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Make Your Wedding Anniversary Luxurious In Virginia


Wedding anniversaries are special events that you want to celebrate, particularly since they tend to give your marriage that extra boost each year. You get to remember the times when you were younger and reflect on the years you have spent together. Why not make this year’s anniversary one that your spouse will never forget?

There is something about going all the way to make your beloved happy, and one way of doing this is finding a memorable place to celebrate your marriage. The following post tells you why Virginia is the perfect destination:

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary in Williamsburg, Virginia

On December 27, 2009, my husband and I were married at Williamsburg Lodge. Before we finally moved to Williamsburg, every anniversary, we would drive up from Chesapeake to celebrate at the place where we said our vows. While I’m completely biased and think Christmastime is the most magical and best time to visit, America’s Colonial Capitol is the perfect place to celebrate your marriage history all year long. And today, I’m sharing some great local things to do together while you’re in town! Read more at Southern Living…

There are many special places you could visit in Virginia to experience the beautiful sights it has to offer. You can be sure you’re bound to have a great time while at it.

wedding anniversary

As you plan for this special time, why not choose luxurious limousine transportation to avoid the bother of driving yourself? You might actually discover that hiring a limousine is a much easier option that you think. Here are some tips for choosing a limo service:

…Here are some tried and true tips for choosing the best limo service for you.


Customer service and overall experience is huge when it comes to renting a limo. You want to know that a limo you book now will ensure a great experience later. The best way to get an idea of what sort of experience you will have with a limo service is to check out the testimonials page on their website, Facebook reviews, Google+ reviews, and other ratings. Hearing from previous customers is a great way to get an unbiased idea of what it’s like to hire a company. Read more at

Hiring a limousine will not only make your wedding anniversary memorable, you also don’t have to empty your pockets. This is also one of those things your spouse will tell all her friends about!

wedding anniversary limo

Central Virginia is the perfect anniversary location. Camryn Limousine is the perfect luxury transportation provider in central Virginia.

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Stay On Top Of The Business Travel Game


Business trips are very important in charting the way forward for any organization. They provide opportunities for making huge deals that could change the course of your business. On the other hand, business trips can be quite hectic and without essential services like proper transportation, all the objectives of such a trip could easily remain unmet.

There are important considerations you need to make when it comes to selecting a transportation company for your business trip. The following post describes important questions to ask before making your decision:


As a corporate travel manager, you’ll want to do everything possible to ensure executives can enjoy safe, dependable ground transportation.

However, not every car service offers guarantees.

Asking the right questions is essential when choosing a ground transportation provider.

By doing so, you can learn about this company, its reputation and what it can offer as well.

So what should you ask a ground transportation provider prior to any business trip? Here are five questions to ask when booking a car service: Read full post at…

business travel car

The question of whether the transportation company can accommodate unforeseen changes in your schedule is critical to your decision. You don’t want an argument to ensue while preparing for a meeting. Even worse, you don’t want to have to make new arrangements at the last minute.

After settling for the best company, you also need to do your part in preparing adequately for the business trip to ensure it is as successful as possible. There are a few details to be aware of. The following post explores some of them:

5 Ground Transportation Tips For Business Travelers

While you’re planning business travel to a new city, remember that getting around efficiently is a must to making any trip a success. Waze, TripAdvisor and Google Maps have done wonders for making unfamiliar business travel more informed both domestically and internationally, but what happens when you need more than the classics to maneuver you around a city?

Try these ground transportation tips to save time, be more informed and never be standing on a corner, luggage at your feet, wondering how it all went wrong next time you go somewhere new. Read full post at…


It is always great to do some research on the area you will be visiting. For instance, find out the essential requirements you will need during your time there. In the event that the language spoken is different, learn simple courtesies well in advance.


An awareness of potential stress factors during your business travel will help you prepare for them. This way, you won’t feel stranded even if they do occur. The following post describes some of these in detail:

Six Tips To Reduce Stress While Traveling For Business

Traveling for business may seem glamorous—flying to new cities or across the globe. It can also be extremely stressful and taxing on your health. The top three triggers for stress when traveling can be grouped into three main areas, according to a study by CWT Travel Solutions Group (CWT).

  1. Lost Time. It’s difficult, or downright impossible, to get work done while traveling, especially when you have a long flight. Many day-to-day business needs pile up while you are on the road, so when you return, you will need to “catch up” on work that you missed.
  2. Unforeseen Events. Just thinking about the possibility of lost or delayed luggage, a delayed flight, or a missed connection can cause extreme anxiety for most business travelers. Read full post at…

One way you can prepare yourself to combat stress triggers such as lost time is to hire a reliable transport company. This will allow your business trip to be as efficient as possible, giving you the flexibility you need to remain productive even as you travel.

business travel car

If your next business trip is in Virginia, make Camryn Limousine your business travel partner. We will cater for all your transportation needs and ensure you arrive at every destination on time and in style. Contact us today.

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How To Plan For Your Wedding Transportation The Smart Way


Weddings should be memorable, which is why your wedding is probably one of the life events for which you will make the most preparations. There are lots of details that go into just one day, and some of them will have to do with transportation. For instance, you need to think about how many cars you will need, what type of cars, possible traffic delays and costs involved – just to mention a few.

Planning for transportation for your wedding day does not have to be stressful, but it does need to be done well in advance. The following post offers handy tips for planning for your wedding transportation:

12 Wedding Transportation Tips You Need to Know

When it comes to ensuring your big day runs smoothly, hiring reliable, safe wedding transportation for yourself and your guests is essential. Whether you’re looking to book a single limousine for you and your future spouse or a fleet of transportation including guest shuttle buses and other vehicles, there are a lot of logistics involved. We talked to wedding transportation experts from around the country, who shared their insider advice. Read full post at Wedding Wire…

wedding car decoration

Timely communication is essential in ensuring your wedding transportation plans go as planned. When providing transportation for your wedding guests, be sure to let them know well beforehand as this will help them plan accordingly. Information such as when and where your guests will get their rides is essential, but can be easy to overlook with all the planning.

Something else you’ll need to decide is what type of wedding transportation to go for. This will largely be influenced by your budget and your particular needs and preferences. If you’re going to hire limos, you’ll need to choose between point-to-point and hourly limo rides. Several considerations will be made when making the decision, one of which is the cost. However, as the post below reveals, this should not be the main consideration:

Does It Matter Which Ride Type I Choose for My Wedding Transportation?

Balancing how to throw a dream wedding while staying on budget is a common challenge for many involved in the wedding planning process. Whether it’s finding the perfect dress at a great price or securing a beautiful venue without breaking the bank, there are many costs to consider as the big day nears. When booking wedding transportation, it may seem the smart, economical choice is to reserve a ride only for the amount of time you are in the vehicle. While it may appear an easy way to save a few dollars, a point-to-point ride type is probably not the best ground transportation choice for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Read full post at…


wedding limo

Another advantage of choosing an hourly limo for your wedding is that in addition to getting you around in style, it also makes for splendid wedding photos. The following post highlights some of the ways you can take advantage of your wedding limo:

5 ways to feature your limo in your wedding pictures

Getting a limousine to provide transportation for your wedding can be stylish and fun, but its uses go beyond taking you from point A to B. Here are 5 great ways to include a limo into the pictures taken during your special day! Read full post at Wedding Ideas Mag…

bride wedding

If you’re planning to hold your wedding in Virginia, Camryn Limousines is your perfect wedding transportation partner. Contact us today for our wedding limo service and make your wedding that much more special.

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