How Much Do You Know About Wine Tours?


There are many exciting ways you can celebrate an anniversary or a special event. If you love traveling and discovering new places, you don’t even need to wait until you have a special event. Wine tours offer the best opportunity to explore new places and learn more about familiar places. Virginia is a world-famous wine tour destination, boasting the best wines in the world. The question is, have you ever gone on a Virginia Wine Tour?

Contrary to popular belief, wine tasting is not the only thing you get to do during a wine tour. You could have the opportunity to take part in some of the wine processing activities. The following post answers some of your concerns about taking a wine tour:

Why Book a Wine Tour?

They say the best way to explore and get to know a country is through its food, wine, and people. Wine tours cover it all.

Why Book a Wine Tour?

Wine tours have become increasingly popular throughout the world, and it’s easy to understand why. Wine is part of many countries history and culture and if you are learning about their wine, you are learning about, well, pretty much about everything.

What is a Wine tour?

As I said before, a wine tour allows you to learn by experiencing the best a country has to offer. It is an educational experience where you visit the wineries, taste wine, learn how it’s made, walk through the vineyards, and, depending on the season, you can even participate in the harvest and produce your own wine. Read more at Wine Tourism in Portugal…

A wine tour can be compared to a wildlife tour. Seeing wildlife is not the only thing you do on a wildlife tour. There are so many exciting activities you can take part in. The same applies to wine tours.

wine tours

You may not be familiar with the concept of a wine tour if you have never gone on one before. If you are wondering what to expect from a wine tour, the following post should answer some if not all of your questions:

What to Expect From a Wine Tour

A wine tour is primarily an immersive stay, educational in its own way, set in a circumscribed geographical area or region which focuses on the discovery of wines and wineries of the very same area.

What exactly is a “wine tour”? What should you expect from this experience beyond the usual wine tasting? How can you make the most of it?

During a wine tour you can expect a visit to one or more wineries, and its duration can vary according to personal taste and the area in which the tour is focused: you can exhaust a whole day, or take tours that last for weeks on end.

The organization may be delegated to an agency or tour operator, or you can deal with it yourself by booking online visits to the wine cellars you find most suitable. Read more at Famigliacecchi…

When it comes to wine tours, there are no hard and fast rules. You have the freedom to choose where, when and how long you want to be on the tour.  Just remember to make your bookings early enough.

wine tours

Virginia wine tours are some of the best the country has to offer. It is the perfect way to create fond memories and have the best time. The following post is one visitor’s experience at a Virginia wine tour:

My 2017 Wine Tour – Stop #1: Farmville, Virginia

I am fortunate to be a part of a new wine-themed mystery anthology, 50 Shades of Cabernet with some talented authors: Barb Goffman, Teresa Inge, Kristin Kisska, Jayne Ormerod, Maria Hudgins, Lyn Brittan, Douglas Lutz, Alan Orloff, Debbiann Holmes, Betsy Ashton, James M. Jackson, Tina Whittle, Maggie King, Nancy Naigle, Rosemary Shomaker, Jenny Sparks, and Ken Wingate.

As part of the book promotion, we’re visiting wineries, wine shops, and festivals up and down the east coast. Here’s my disclaimer: I am a wine novice. I prefer iced tea and Dr. Pepper, so I’ve got a lot to learn. Read more at Heather Weidner…

Like Heather, you don’t have to be a wine lover to go on a wine tour. In fact, that should not limit you from enjoying the unique experiences that wine tours in Virginia have to offer.

Visitors that choose the Camryn Limousine Wine Tours attest to the fact that they had the time of their lives. Voted the “Best Wine Tour Company” by Virginia Wine Lover in 2011 and 2012 as well as “Best Limo to Winery” in 2013 and 2014, Camryn Limousine provides the best luxury vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs to the most beautiful wineries in Central Virginia.

wine tours

You will no doubt get a memorable and exquisite experience when you choose Camryn Limousine Wine Tours. Call us today on (434) 990-9070 to make your reservation for two, or a group of as many as 28 people! We’ve got you fully covered!

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This Is What Makes The Limousine So Special


You won’t find many people buying a limousine as their family car, even though the most common type of limousine is actually the SUV sedan. It’s a fact that the limousine is considered an “out-of-the-ordinary” ride that is typically reserved for those very special occasions. But have you ever asked yourself why a limousine is considered a special vehicle? Let’s find out…

The limousine can accommodate features that a regular car cannot. For starters, its length provides lots of space for different amenities. The following post makes this point by describing the jaw-dropping features of the US president’s limousine:

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Donald Trump’s Limousine

It took more than three years to design and create this massive beast. The brand new State limousine for the President of the United States is a design masterpiece. It is popularly known as the ‘Beast,’ due to its extensive armour and highly modified safety features. It was ordered under the administration of President Obama, but ironically he was not the first one to ride it. Donald Trump, now the current and 45th President of the United States of America enjoys the privilege to ride this multi-million dollar limousine.

1: It is more than what it appears to be

General Motors have designed the brand new armoured state limousine. According to reports, the company invested a whopping $15 million in the research and development.

The fleet deployed around President Trump is about 12 cars each worth $1.5 million.

Here are some facts about the ‘Beast’ that will blow your mind. Read more at Tapoos…

Clearly, the state vehicle has features that can comfortably be accommodated only in a limousine, thanks to its obvious size. It’s difficult to find this variety of safety features in one vehicle, but a limousine of such class accommodates them comfortably.


Another reason why the limousine is special is that it’s built with the aim of allowing its passengers to be off the wheel. With a professional limousine service, that means you don’t have to worry about finding out the best route to take – the driver already knows how to get you there on time. This is why you get to relax a little, even during hectic business trips, as the following post explains:

Below are the advantages any business will enjoy should they opt to hire corporate limo services.

Make it to business meetings and events on time

Business meetings and events usually have one thing in common, the fact that the environment is always tensed up… Traffic snarl-ups are a nuisance, but if you are ferried in a limousine, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic for hours. Read more at Onefide…

Hiring professional limousine transportation during a busy and demanding business trip could offer some highly needed relief from the stress you would otherwise have to endure if you were driving yourself around.


A limousine experience is also quite distinct from simply hiring a taxi. One of the best features of a limousine service is the excellent chauffeur services that come with it. The following post describes this in detail:


Taking a limousine to an event or just to the airport can make any trip feel lavish and luxurious. While most limousine companies have an up-to-date fleet of cars, they don’t all offer chauffeurs. Having a great chauffeur can make all the difference in the world. But what are the qualities that determine whether the chauffeur’s good or not?


Your limo driver has one task, which is, to make sure you get to the destination of your choice, within a given time frame. A driver needs to be capable to accomplish this task consistently. This means understanding the local geography, when are the best/worst times to drive on any given street and what to look out for. Read more at Airline Limo…

It would be no exaggeration to say that a limousine service feels complete when there’s a professional driving you around. That professional chauffeur, usually in his own space at the driver’s cabin, makes all the difference.

With all this in mind, it’s clear you need to get the best limousine services available if you are going to get value for your money. If you are in Charlottesville VA and are looking for the ultimate limousine transportation company to work with, Camryn Limousine is your best option.


Having won the National Transporter of the Year Award in 2016, Camryn Limousine is without doubt Charlottesville and Central Virginia’s choice luxury transportation provider. We provide chauffeured limousine services for all occasions. Our limousine amenities are designed with you in mind. Call us on (434) 990-9070 or visit our website for your bookings.

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Interesting Facts You May Not Know About These Three Car Safety Features


The motor vehicle is an amazing innovation, and it’s difficult to imagine how life would be without the conveniences that cars offer. However, the convenience they offer in speedy transportation comes with certain risks that must be addressed. That’s why cars today have a number of safety features that make it safe to get in your car and drive out of your driveway.

One safety feature that may not strike a lot of car owners as providing safety is the windshield. In addition to offering visibility, it plays a very crucial role in your safety. What are those little dots on your windshield, and why are they important? The following post explains this:

Here’s why the edges of your windshield are covered in tiny black dots

Have you ever noticed that dot matrix pattern at the top of some windshields? Most people assume it’s just a way to help shade the driver from the sun, but the little black dots actually do so much more. There’s a black band of ceramic paint called a “frit” along the edge of a windshield that helps sealant adhesive stick to the glass. Not only does it keep the elements out, it actually helps the windshield stay in place. When the glass is heated and bent in an industrial oven, the frit heats up and expands. This creates an optical distortion in the glass, aka “lensing,” and the black dots help spread the sharp thermal gradient between optical glass and frit to minimize and mask the distortion. Read more at Alt_Driver…

You probably never thought about the effect of heat on your windshield. Now you know – those little dots do more for you than you’d guess.

car safety features

A more obvious car safety feature is children’s car seats. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully benefit from the safety they offer simply because they don’t know how to use them properly. Here is what the experts have to say about this:

Of course, most parents know that car seat safety isn’t something to take lightly. But let’s be real; the laundry list of rules surrounding how to properly install and use car seats can feel kind of overwhelming and even confusing at times. And it doesn’t help that we often get conflicting information from friends, family, the Internet, and even the car seat manufacturers themselves.

But at least one expert is here to set the record straight about how to properly install a car seat, and how to tell if yours meets the standards. Read more at Babble…

Knowledge is power and in this case, it can actually save a life. You simply need to avail yourself to learn what you need to know.

Finally, airbags have come a long way since they were developed. Have you ever wondered how they work? The following post explains it quite well:


Bang! We think of explosions as terrible, dangerous things—but that’s not always the case. Every day, explosions are helping to save people’s lives. If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, a carefully controlled explosion will (hopefully) fire an airbag out from the dashboard, cushioning the impact and helping to reduce the damage to your body. Airbags are very simple but also amazingly clever, because they have to open up at over 300 km/h (200mph)—faster than a car can crash! Let’s take a closer look at how they work. Read more at Explain That Stuff…

These are just three features. Considering the many more car safety features available today, it’s clear we have a lot to thank their innovators for.

If you are looking for a safety-minded and reliable transportation company for any occasion in Central Virginia, think of Camryn Limousine. We are committed to providing the very best transportation services and ensuring that our clients enjoy each and every ride they take with us. This is why we were named the National Transporter of the Year 2016.

car safety features

Our fleet of vehicles includes luxury Chrysler limousines, SUVs, coaches, luxury VanTerras and even buses, suitable for large groups, small groups, couples and single passengers. Call us on (434) 990-9070 or visit our website for your bookings.

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These Tips Will Make Your Next Group Trip A Success


The idea of going on a group trip is exciting. However, if it is going to be successful, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done. It is always advisable to get the logistics figured out ahead of time and even have a checklist at hand to ensure that all the necessary arrangements are made.

One of the first things you should think about is how to organize the people you are going to travel with. The following post gives some considerations to make in order to ensure everyone is catered for:


And just like that, our trips to the beach for the summer are now over. It doesn’t seem there’s ever a trip long enough for us. Whether we spend 11 days in Panama City Beach or 3 in Jamaica Beach, we always end each trip thinking the time went by way too quickly. How can a trip where you spend most of your time lounging about and relaxing go by faster than your day-to-day life?

2017 is the first time that we’ve had three families together all at once so it was even more fun but I’m sure you can imagine all of the coordinating that has to take place when you have three families with a combined seven kids between 3 and 9 in the mix. But I learned a lot this trip and have some tips for traveling with a big group to share with you today. Read more at Live Love Texas…

It is one thing to travel as a group; it is quite another if the group is made up of children and adults. Balancing all their needs is important if you want them all to enjoy the experience.

group trip

There are other things you need to pay attention to, especially the transport details. These are easily forgotten, but can be quite costly. The following post discusses some of the transportation logistics to keep in mind:

  1. Have your mode of transportation paid for/decided

Will you need transportation during your trip? Whether you are planning a day trip or a week long adventure, the mode of transportation should be decided beforehand and paid for way in advance.

If there is a bus full of people, what will you do with all of those people when you get to your destination? How will you all get around? Are you traveling somewhere that the bus can park and you can walk? Is everyone in your party able to walk? Will the bus driver let people sit in the bus if they get tired? Bus drivers have hours that they can’t exceed, you need to find out before departing how many hours you will have your mode of transportation and how much will it cost if you need extra time. Please don’t assume your driver can stay over because many times, he won’t be able to. Read more at Roni The Travel Guru…

Transport is a huge part of the trip, and you need to ensure that you get all the nitty-gritties right.

group trip

If you want to hire a coach or minivan to transport the entire group, there are a few things to consider. The following post outlines them:

Choosing The Right Minibus For Your Family Or Group Outing

Going on a trip or outing together with family members or friends is definitely exciting. This is the perfect opportunity to bond with each other and create special and long-lasting memories.

Reasons For Renting Minibus

Of course, the trip or outing will not be possible without transportation. You surely would want to travel to your destination together. Here are some reasons why most people prefer to rent transportation for private use.

They are more comfortable riding with people they know. They will be able to do whatever they want within the whole duration of the trip. They can be sleeping with their mouths open without having to worry what others might think. Read more at Priceless Transportation…

Before you book a particular vehicle, it is important to ensure that you select a reputable company you are sure will provide vehicles that are in good condition. You don’t want an embarrassing situation on the day of the trip.

group trip

If you are in Charlottesville or Central Virginia and need to hire transport for a large group, Camryn Limousine is here for you. We have 18-, 14-, and 10-passenger luxury vanterras that you can select. They are designed with your comfort in mind as you travel with your group.

Camryn Limousine was awarded the National Operator of the Year 2016, setting it apart as a transportation company that delivers in both professionalism and excellence. All our vehicles are well maintained to give you a worry-free trip. Call us today on 434 990-9070 to discuss your preferences, or visit our website to make your bookings.

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Discover Some Interesting Facts About Limousines


A limousine is an eye-catching vehicle that many people don’t get the chance to ride in. It can be used on a special occasion or simply for airport transportation. Regardless of the use, you can be sure that riding in a limousine for the first time is always memorable. It becomes even more special when you use it with a person or people that are special to you.

Limousines are luxurious vehicles and they come in many different models. The following post lists the top models in America:


When looking for limousines, you are bound to come across a variety of models from many noteworthy manufacturers. These include an assortment of makes and models that have made these limos as special extended versions of some of the existing passenger vehicles. Stretch versions of traditional luxury cars or SUVs can be found in many instances.

You might be amazed at what you will come across while looking for the best possible limo brands. These include models that are designed by some of the world’s top companies. Read more at American Limousine Sales…

There are certain car companies that are devoted to the manufacture of luxury vehicles, and these will typically also manufacture limousines.


Have you ever thought about the cost of buying a limousine? Although hiring one will make more sense to most of us, you might be interested to learn how it compares to purchasing one, as discussed in the following post:

Cost of Limos and Limousine Service

How much do limousines cost to buy?

A new limousine sells for about $90,000 depending on the manufacturer and options. Like most cars, limousines depreciate quickly and lose about half of their value in 4 or 5 years. If you want one 10 or more years old, bargains can be found for under $15,000. At some point, limos get too old and worn out for professional limousine services to use for paying customers.

How much do limousines cost to rent?

When you rent a limo, the driver comes with it (also known as a chauffeur). Limo services typically require a minimum booking of 2-3 hours, at typical rates for a limo and driver of $50-300 per hour, depending on the type of limo and what is included. Service that includes food, drinks, red carpet roll-out, decorations, etc. is more expensive than service that only includes the ride. Read more at Axle Addict…

One benefit of most limousine hire packages is that they are custom-made, so you can get exactly what you want to make the ride special.


There are many other benefits that come with hiring limousine services. The following post highlights some of them:

What are the amazing benefits of hiring a limo?

Whether it be for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a Christmas party, or for something as simple as an airport transfer, it is becoming ever more evident that limo hire services are largely preferred to other options for transport. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because limousines are elegant vehicles, included in a service that is well-known for its punctuality and class.

In case you have never before considered hiring a limo, you should correct this mistake. These are the top 5 jolly good reasons to do so the next time you need to figure out means of transport: Read more at Fast Limo Hire…

Hiring a limousine will relieve you of many of the common issues that characterize planning for a special occasion. You can reduce the headache of thinking through all the logistics by hiring a reputable company for limousine services.


If you are in Charlottesville, VA and are looking for excellent limousine transportation services, Camryn Limousine is the company to choose. Awarded the National Operator of the Year 2016, we guarantee both class and excellence when you choose our services.

We have Chrysler luxury stretch limousines in black and white, suitable for all occasions. Additionally we have luxury limousine VanTerras that allow for standing and moving around in the vehicle. Our services are available throughout Central Virginia. Call us today on 434 990-9070 or visit our website to make your reservations, and enjoy your ride!

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Busting Some Of The Most Common Car Myths


Your worldview affects a lot of things, including how you make decisions. One of the factors that affect your worldview or perspective is the information you have, whether true or false. The same can be said about your views on cars. What has informed them? Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps what you know to be true about cars is inaccurate?

It turns out there are many myths out there about cars. Interestingly, the myths are quite common, so it’s easy to assume they’re true. The first set of myths we’ll examine has to do with manual and automatic cars, as discussed in the following post:

3 Myths about Manual and Automatic Transmissions

Auto enthusiasts, seemingly a dying breed, have long argued that manual transmissions, or stick shifts (though some of you might remember shifters on the steering column as well), are the “only” way to drive. Automatics are made for, well, others.

Apparently, it might not matter; automatics seem to have won the argument. Around 1995, a little over 70% of the cars on the road sported automatic transmission, which left 30%, almost a third, with manuals. By 2013, only 4% of the cars sold in the U.S. were equipped with manual transmissions. In fact, according to Edmunds, 67% of the cars made for the 2013 model year were only available with automatic trannies. In an interesting side note, 80% of the cars in Europe and Japan have manual transmissions. Read full post at Machine Design…

Manual car diehards may have a hard time accepting the truth, but it helps to scrutinize your reasons for your preferences. There are lots of good reasons why a manual car would be preferred over an automatic – just make sure it isn’t a myth.

Camryn Limousine car myths

Next, we look at the common myths about your car battery. This one may raise your eyebrows, but keep an open mind as you read the following post:

The Most Important Facts (And Myths) About Your Car Battery

Even if you’re driving a gas guzzling SUV, electricity remains crucial to driving a car. Thanks to modern-day electric batteries, drivers no longer have to turn an engine over by hand. It now all happens with the turn of a key or a press of a button.

But beyond that initial ignition, the battery continues playing a vital role in all of your vehicle’s electric systems, but some myths have circulated about this electric heart pulsating in all our autos. Here’s a thorough examination of those myths and some cold, hard facts to replace them. Read more at Popular Mechanics…

From the above, it’s evident that common but bad habits could end up destroying your car battery faster than you thought possible. To keep it in good shape, you may have to give up a number of poor practices and habits you’ve picked up in the past.

Camryn Limousine car myths

What about the maintenance of your car? Do the practices you employ actually help to maintain your car in the long run? Here are some of the commonly believed myths associated with car maintenance:

In the same way, many of today’s car-maintenance myths are simply statements that have been repeated so often that everyone assumes they’re true. In the past, some maintenance tips were indeed conscientious practices, but over many decades the technology has changed and what was useful long ago is no longer valid….

Myth #5: Air conditioning hurts fuel economy

Granted, this doesn’t necessarily fall under “car maintenance”, but it’s still a popular misconception. According to Consumer Reports, “There has been much debate about whether to drive with the air conditioner on or keep the windows open in order to save gas. Using the A/C does put more load on the engine, but in our tests, we found just a slight decrease in fuel economy and no measurable difference when opening the windows (open windows do increase aerodynamic drag). However, using the A/C helps keep the driver alert and more comfortable, which is safer for everyone on the road. We say, just use the A/C and don’t worry about it.” Read more at AMSOIL…

Now that you have a better idea of what’s true and what’s not, you can choose the most appropriate car to buy or take better care of the one you own.

When it comes to hiring professional transportation services, you need to distinguish reliable companies from those that are not. One easy way to do that is to learn what kind or reputation a company has built.

Camryn Limousine is a top-notch luxury transport company serving residents and businesses in Charlottesville, VA and Central Virginia. It was named the National Operator of the Year 2016 and is still setting the standard in service delivery.

Camryn Limousine car myths

We provide chauffeured vehicles for special events including weddings and anniversaries, as well as cars for hire. We have a wide range of vehicles from which you can choose for personal, family or group rides, including executive sedans, SUVs and coaches. We’ve got you covered. Call us today for bookings.

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What’s Your Car Engine Size?


What do you prioritize when you are shopping for a car? Is it the model, type, or its features? You probably have your own list of preferences for your ideal car. However, there are certain important elements that you shouldn’t overlook. One of them is the engine size.

Is it better to go for a car with a bigger engine or a smaller one? Which of these performs better? The size of the engine and its implications are discussed in the following post:

What do engine sizes actually mean?

Understanding engine size and how it affects your car-buying decision.

An engine’s size is otherwise referred to as its ‘capacity’ or ‘displacement’. Without getting too complicated, it’s a measurement of how much space the engine’s pistons operate in. A bigger number means each piston is able to push more air and fuel through the car’s engine every time it moves.

The number is expressed in cubic centimeters (cc) and on engines with a capacity or displacement greater than 1,000cc (one liter) it’s usually rounded up to the nearest tenth of a liter. As a rule of thumb, the bigger this number is, the more power you can expect the engine to produce. Read more Carbuyer…

There are a lot of considerations to make on just the engine, from its size to the type of fuel needed to run it. Make sure you have all your facts right.

car engine size

Another common assumption that people make is that all big cars have big engines and all small cars have small engines. Well, the opposite can be the case, as described in the following post:


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the ingredients needed to make the fastest car from a company’s range – find the smallest car you can and somehow cram the biggest engine you produce under the bonnet.

It can be quite a risky move for a manufacturer, considering the amount of potential engineering trickery that might have to go into the design just to get the engine to fit. Take Jaguar with its latest XE SV Project 8 – the car has been forced to only come in left-hand drive because the V8 is simply too big when trying to get the all-wheel drive system alignment to work.

These cars, however, have managed to perfect the formula, resulting in some true production hotrods for the road. Read more at Drive Tribe…

If you are fascinated with powerful cars but don’t like the idea of having a big one, no worries. You can get exactly what you want with the array of car options available today.

car engine size

On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted a car with a small engine, and have always assumed that it would mean getting one that doesn’t look cool, there’s good news for you, as discussed in the following post:

Cars with Small Engines That Look Cool

Cars don’t have to have huge engines to be cool…

There are plenty of reasons why one might want a car with a small engine. Maybe you are on a strict budget. Or, if you are a young person, you want to keep your insurance as low as possible. Or, maybe you simply want a car with a small engine.

But the problem is, do they look as good as cars with bigger engines?

Yes, they do. Admittedly, not all of them. But there are many cars with small engines out there that look just as good….

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta comes in many forms, but it’s the models with the small engines that we’re looking at today. Read more at OSV…

Powerful cars, big cars with large engines, small cars with large engines…whatever you are looking for, you can get the perfect combination if you simply take the time to do your research and look around.

Meanwhile, a luxurious ride is just a phone call away.  Is your holiday event somewhere in Charlottesville or any destination in Northern Virginia? Are you looking for exceptional transportation services from a reputable company? Camryn Limousine, named the National Operator of the Year 2016, is your company of choice.

engine size

Equipped with a fleet of executive and luxury cars, and professionally trained chauffeurs, we promise you a memorable ride every time. You get to choose from our Chrysler luxury sedans, coaches, SUVs, Vanterras and other vehicles. We guarantee your trip will be enjoyable and you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and on time. Call us today for your bookings.

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