How To Make The Most Of Airport Transportation


Whenever you are planning for a flight, the last thing you need is a mishap. Business trips especially have tight schedules. You can be constantly moving from one meeting to another, planning presentations and writing reports. It gets even more complex when you are traveling to a place you’ve never been before, because finding your way around can be quite a challenge.

That’s where airport transportation comes in. It could mean the difference between a lot of frustration and delays, and a successful business trip that stays on schedule. Here’s how airport transport can give you some peace of mind during international travels:

Let us discuss a few of the significant methods for you to benefit through a reliable airport transportation service:

Luxurious Vehicles: They offer highly sophisticated and high-end vehicles to provide you with the most luxurious and comfortable ride to and from airports. These sophisticated vehicles are made with superb amenities featuring to create your travel experience absolutely special and memorable.

Options: Reputed transportation services give a number of luxurious vehicles for example Limousines, SUVs, Sedans, Corporate vans and many more to supply the chance to make a decision in accordance with the needs you have, preferences and conveniences. Read more at Medium…

The ability to get some rest and even enjoy some comfort during an international trip is something every business traveler wants. If you have the opportunity to make your trip less stressful, go for it.

airport transportation

On the other hand, you also need to choose the right airport transport company. To avoid hiring a transportation company that is not legitimate, there are a few things you can do, as explained in the following post:


Business travel is a challenge, and it can pose issues for its constituents from the moment they enter security.

You don’t have to be a seasoned pro to know the importance of maintaining your schedule, streamlining your process and getting to your gate with as little stress as possible.

One of the more stressful aspects of executing a great business trip is finding reliable ground transportation once your plane lands. The issues of trustworthiness, quality of vehicle and professionalism of the chauffeur can plague business travelers throughout their trips.

Here are some ways to choose ground transportation you can trust. Read more at Ohare Midway…

Hiring airport transportation services is actually an investment that you need to consider very carefully. Ask the right questions to ensure your security and convenience is guaranteed.

If your business trip is in Virginia, and you need professional airport transportation services that are reliable and convenient, look no further. Equipped with a fleet of vehicles including executive sedans and limousines, Camryn Limousine offers you complete comfort as you get to your destination. Our professionally trained chauffeurs will ensure you have no worries during your business trip.

airport transportation

The largest magazine in our industry recognized us with the National Operator of the Year award in 2016. We want to keep earning that award by maintaining excellence in all things.  Call us today to reserve vehicles and chauffeurs for your needs.

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A Quick Look At Electric Cars


Technological advancements have made remarkable differences in our world. They have brought a lot of changes that have made life much more efficient and effective. Just as in other industries, the automobile industry is going through a lot of transitions. Cars have developed in leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades, and the future presents possibilities that were not previously imaginable.

One of the changes being witnessed today is the development and growth of electric cars. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, the following post should give you a hint of what electric cars can do:

Two World Records Set by World’s Fastest Electric Car…Without a Driver

If you don’t think electric cars are the future, this story may just change your mind. The NIO EP9, regarded as the world’s fastest electric car, has set TWO records at Circuit of the Americas (COTA).

The first record set by the car was for being the fastest self-driving car at COTA. The lap was completed in 2 minutes and 40.33 seconds with a top speed of 160 mph. As a great comparison, the second record was for the fastest lap time for a production car with a driver at COTA. This lap time was 2 minutes and 11.30 seconds with a top speed of 170 mph. Read more at DuPont Registry…

A lot more can be said about electric cars and their potential. You may be wondering how they compare with other models in terms of performance. The following post explains the results of a comparison test between an electric car and a fuel cell car:

Tesla Model X electric car vs Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car: CA road trip

The ability to travel long distances has long been a distinguishing feature of Tesla’s luxury electric cars, whose Supercharger fast-charging network now offers access to essentially every part of the 48 continental states.

But where hydrogen infrastructure exists, which can cover a long road trip faster: a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle or a Tesla?

Last fall, Edmunds set out on a road trip of almost 1,000 miles in the hydrogen fuel-cell-powered Toyota Mirai and an electric Tesla Model X to see which could do the trip in the least amount of time, refueling (or charging) included. Read more at Green Car Reports…

The challenges of recharging the electric car caused it to finish later than the fuel cell car, so that’s something that owners would need to consider.

Another important consideration any potential car owner would make before purchasing an electric car is the associated costs. Are they really cheaper than gas cars in the long run? The following post explain some cost considerations you may not have considered.

Total Cost of Ownership of an Electric Car

It’s easy enough to pinpoint the MSRP for a car, but most calculations use the lowest base price, rather than what most people pay before driving off the lot. Options and trim levels can mean a swing of thousands of dollars. Then, there are dealership incentives and deals, regardless of the model, that can add thousands more in variation. If you want accuracy, use a number that comes directly from the dealer for the specific car you plan to buy.

Here are seven other things you should know about total cost of ownership of an electric car. Read full post at Plugin Cars…

Transportation is really a big deal in today’s world, as the demands for efficiency and reliability continue to increase. As such, we can expect a lot more changes in the automobile industry in the near future.

Speaking of efficiency, if you are in Charlottesville and in need of professional transportation services, Camryn Limousine is your best choice. Equipped with executive sedans and limousines, Camryn Limousine offers you the best deal in town for business, luxury or even wedding transportation.

All our vehicles are well-maintained, and our professional chauffeurs will ensure that you get to your destination comfortably and on time. Having won the National Operator of the Year 2016 award, you can be sure that you will not regret choosing us. Call us today for your reservation.

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How To Give The Gift Of A Memorable Prom Night


Prom night is one of the most important events for a high school student in their senior year. It is a tradition that does not seem to be fading away as it is still considered a special event. To date, it still comes with its fair share of anxiety. Girls wonder who will ask them to be their prom date and guys do their best to make a good impression before the event.

Since this is an event that is considered a milestone for many teenagers, it doesn’t hurt to make it special for your child. However, it’s also a special time for parents, as they get to celebrate the fact that they’ve brought up their kids up to this point. A young man from Ohio recognized just how important prom is, and chose to make it extra special for his mom too, as narrated in the following post:

Ohio teen takes mom to prom to give her night she never had

An Ohio high school student surprised his mom by giving her the prom experience she never got to have at his age. Trey Potter said he wanted to repay his mother, MelissaRoshan (MelRo) after everything she’s done for him.

“She never had that experience and she’s risked so much for throughout my life and made so many sacrifices. I thought it would be the right thing to do,” he told WCMH. Read more at Fox 32 Chicago…

A memorable prom night doesn’t necessarily mean looking too far for that special someone to celebrate with. Besides, it’s the people closest to us that we tend to take for granted.

On the other, if you can afford it, you can make prom night special for lots of people. The following story tells how one famous sportsman did exactly that and used the opportunity to put lots of smiles on the faces of different people around the world.

Tim Tebow Hosts Prom Night For 75,000 Special Needs Children Worldwide In One Night

In a time of disagreement, protests, and apprehension, Tim Tebow is restoring our faith in humanity.

Perhaps the most charitable man in sports was at it again Friday night, hosting his annual ‘Night To Shine‘, where he provided the opportunity for 75,000 people at 350 churches in 50 states and 11 countries across the globe to have their version of prom night through his foundation.

The former Heisman Trophy winner traveled to Haiti to kick off the celebration, then flew to Florida for an event before making his way to the West coast to join in the festivities.

“I love these kids and celebrate them,” Tebow said, “and watch the narrative continue to change in this amazing country.” Read more at Daily Snark…

Others have taken the opportunity to make prom night special for those in their local communities. The following post describes how a church in California made a memorable prom night experience for teens who would otherwise not have had the chance to enjoy the special event:

Fresno Church Hosts Prom Night For Teens With Special Needs

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

It was an evening to treasure for dozens of students with disabilities Friday as they attended a prom organized just for them.

People cheered as students entered into the dance at NorthPointe Community Church in northwest Fresno. Everything was donated from the dresses, tuxedos, photography, food and music.

The organizer of the event is a senior at Minarets High School. Tiana Freeland was assigned to do a school project that benefited the community. She says the assignment turned into so much more. Read more at ABC 30…

One of the remarkable things about a prom night is getting a limousine ride like the kids in Fresno did. Despite the fact that teenagers today are pretty hard to please, you’ll never go wrong with a limousine for prom. The best part about hiring a limousine is that it can carry about 10 to 12 passengers, and that will only make the experience more fun.

Camryn Limousine, awarded the National Operator of the Year in 2016, is happy to help make your child’s prom night a memorable one. Hiring a chauffeured limo will not only give the kids a great time, you will be assured of their safety. Call us today to book one of our luxury limousines.

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Some Things You Might Want To Consider To Spruce Up Your Car


Your new car is probably the best there was in the market (for the price), and chances are you love every ride. If it is your first car, then this is a whole new and exciting experience for you. If it’s the second, third or subsequent car, then there’s a lot you need to get used to. Getting acquainted with where everything is may not seem like a priority, until you actually need them and get stranded.

One way to avoid this is to find out what accessories your car has, as well as which ones it doesn’t. Then, depending on your requirements, you can decide which ones to add. Today’s post looks at some car accessories you should consider. To start, let’s look at what the latest release of “Fast and Furious” could mean for car trends:

Sneak Peek At ‘The Fate of the Furious’ Cars: Tire Stickers One of the Major Accessories Seen In The Film

With the eighth installment of the Fast & Furious movie due out this April 14 – “The Fate of the Furious” – questions abound: How will the movie work without Paul Walker? What’s the game plan moving forward – will they continue making films after this?

Despite so many questions, one thing is certain: Over the years, the Fast & Furious movies have had a way of both validating and defining car culture.

The first film, “The Fast and the Furious,” which (get ready to feel old) came out 16 years ago, ushered in an explosion in popularity for Japanese imports and tuner culture. Read more at Dupont Registry…

One way to be sure your car will be trendy this year is to go for branded tires. You can be sure your car will stand out on any street.

added car features

Away from aesthetics, there are certain accessories you should consider that will make for a more convenient and comfortable ride. Whether you’re usually riding alone or with your family, the following post describes some of the gadgets you might want to invest in:

A cup holder car mount for your phone

Mediabridge smartphone cradle

Price: $26.99

Let’s start with the obligatory PSA that you shouldn’t use your phone while driving. Great. Now, let’s continue under the notion that when you do use your phone for legitimate reasons (i.e., GPS), you’re gonna need a good mount for it. Suction-cup mounts that let you stick your phone to your windshield interfere with your line of vision, and the ubiquitous air vent mounts are a non-starter if you live anywhere that requires the use of A/C. Instead, go with a good cup holder mount, like this Mediabridge unit. It’s sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about your phone flying out just because you were a little over-exuberant on an off ramp. Read more at Thrillist…

If comfort and luxury are important to you, then you probably feel like you need all the items mentioned in the above post. If that’s the case, start by listing them in order of priority.

added car features

If you spend an awful amount of time in your car or simply love taking road trips, there are a whole lot of accessories that you’ll find very useful. These include a number of must-have items that might even prevent your trip from becoming a nightmare. Here are some of them:

23 Car Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

You’ll be (road) trippin’ so hard.

  1. This magnetic phone mount ($11) that fits right into that CD slot you probably don’t use.

Let’s just hope the CD player doesn’t stereotype anyone. Get it here.

  1. This portable battery ($60) that can jump-start your car and charge all of your devices.

Unfortunately this battery is not free of charge. Get it here. Read more at Buzzfeed…

You see, the difference between a normal economy car and a luxury car includes, among other things, the accessories. They could very well be the difference between looking forward to your trips and dreading them.

If you’re planning a trip for work or pleasure in Virginia and would like to make it as enjoyable and convenient as possible, hiring the right car service will do the trick.

modern car features

At Camryn Limousine, we specialize in delivering highly professional transportation services that you will remember. Our chauffeured limousines are equipped with opera lights and drinks, as well as awesome sound and video systems for those romantic nights or nights out with friends. You can choose from our fleet and get an appropriate vehicle depending on what you need.

Another reason why you should consider Camryn Limousine is that we won the National Operator of The Year Award in 2016! In other words, you’re guaranteed the best experience. Call us today!

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A Trip To Waynesboro Virginia Could Just Be Your Dream Come True


It is one thing to love traveling – it’s quite another to find the perfect destination. The ideal place would offer you the opportunity to explore the environment as well as your limits. It should be adventurous – one that pushes you beyond your limits. It would also allow you to learn as much as possible. It’s not just enough to be entertained – the perfect trip will have you going home feeling like a new you.

Waynesboro Virginia offers exactly that. As the following post explains, this is one place you want to make your way to real soon:

The Fascinating Town In Virginia That Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

One of the best aspects of small towns in Virginia is their ability to stand the test of time. One beautiful example of this is the town of Waynesboro. This Blue Ridge Mountain community is set in the most breathtaking location and seems like something you might find in a fairy tale. Here’s more on why you’ll want to plan your trip to see one of Virginia’s most scenic small towns.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town of Waynesboro is located just west of Charlottesville on I-64. Read more at Only In Your State…

Boasting some of the best historical sites and lots of activities, you can be sure that your trip to Waynesboro will be worth every penny. You’ll also get to learn a lot, whether you’re with your family, friends or your partner.

trip to WaynesboroWaynesboro has so much in store for you, especially if you are the kind of person that would rather spend your time out in nature. The following post highlights some of the town’s hotspots that will appeal to your love for nature:

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Waynesboro, Virginia If You Love the Outdoors

Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of central Virginia, Waynesboro is a charming small town known for its historic Main Street crossing the South River with a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But most notably, it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful outdoor space in the eastern United States. You’ll find more than 100 scenic overlooks and nearly 700 miles of hiking trails in the region. It’s a well-known stop on the Appalachian Trail, where thru-hikers can stop for recuperation and supplies. It’s a growing mecca for hikers, campers, trail runners, paddlers, mountain bikers and anglers, who can spend endless weekends exploring the area’s trails and rivers. Read more at Roots Rated…

Waynesboro is not just for those who are enthusiastic about outdoor activities. If you prefer to drive through scenic areas and take in the fresh air at different stops, then Waynesboro is just perfect for you too.

trip to WaynesboroThe following post guide suggests how you can make the most of a 7-day road trip, whether you begin or end at Waynesboro:


Ribboning through the southern Appalachians from Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park all the way to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway makes for an epic road trip. Besides being bookended by national parks, the iconic roadway is flanked by 70,000 acres of forests and provides access to 300 miles worth of trails.

So what are you waiting for? Heed the call of the open road with this seven-day Blue Ridge adventure.

Day 1: Waynesboro, Virginia to Peaks of Otter; 79. 8 miles.  Read more at Kelty…

If you’re ready to make Waynesboro your next destination but are wondering how to sort out your transportation needs, worry no more. Camryn Limousine is the perfect car service to get you where you want to go.

trip to waynesboroCamryn Limousine is not just your typical transportation company. This luxury transportation company won the Limousine and Chauffered Transportation magazine’s National Limousine Operator of the Year Award in 2016.

You can be sure that your trip to Waynesboro will be all the more relaxed when you choose us. Whether you’re travelling alone or if you’re in a small or large group, you should have no problem choosing the most appropriate vehicle from our fleet. Our services will definitely be the icing on the cake. Call us today and make your next trip the best one.


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Plan Your Unforgettable Virginia Wine Tour This Year


Virginia wines have won worldwide awards, which is why you need to start planning your Virginia Wine Tour. In addition to getting to taste some of the most exquisite wines in the globe, you also get the chance to enjoy the awesome sights surrounding Virginia’s wineries.

The year is still young, so you can make plans for a Virginia wine tour this year. Bring along your partner or friends and make it that much more special. You can choose from a broad selection of wineries in Virginia to visit, each offering its own unique kind of adventure. The following post highlights some of the more popular wineries you might consider:

10 Wineries That Show Why Virginia Is For Wine Lovers

FACT: Virginia is creating some of the best wines in the world.

And it has been since it first won the title of best red wine of all nations at the Vienna World’s Fair in 1873. And even though it’s America’s fifth-largest wine producer, most of Virginia’s seriously amazing wine stays stateside, and even, in some cases, solely in Virginia. A quick internet search of “Virginia wine” will prove to you, skeptical reader, that the wine critics of the world are, indeed, gaga for these grapes. But we decided to dive deeper into the best of the best. Read more at BuzzFeed…

As you explore some of these wineries, you’ll likely conclude, like many before you, that the world’s best wine is grown in Virginia. And if you love quality wine, don’t be surprised if you start entertaining thoughts of staying in Virginia the rest of your life.

winery; wine tour

As you tour these awesome wineries, you’ll also get to participate in activities that will make the experience even more enjoyable. Hiking is one option that will allow you to fully take in the beautiful sights around:

10 Beautiful Fall Hikes Near Virginia Wineries

Talk about a pairing. When you combine visiting a Virginia winery with a hike in Virginia’s bountiful natural glory, the sensory delights extend far beyond the palette! Furthermore, touring a winery can be a scenic experience in its own right – viewing the rows of grape arbors, walking wonderfully landscaped grounds on cobblestone paths and soaking in views of the rolling countryside. And let’s not forget the tastings, whether they are indoors or out. The tastings are the raison d’etre as far as winery tours are concerned.

However, just because we love wine tastings and touring wineries doesn’t mean we can’t add a walk or hike to the adventure. Hiking to a nearby waterfall, overlook or historic site just might build up an appreciation for the great outdoors and perhaps a thirst for the harvest of the grape — wine produced in Virginia. Read more at…

A winery tour to Virginia coupled with hikes definitely makes for an awesome trip, and you’ll love every day of it.

You should also include a little luxury into your tour. That’s where we come in. Camryn Limousines will provide convenient and reliable transportation to take you to every destination throughout your tour.

14-passenger Vanterra

If you’re planning to take a group tour, you can choose between our Chrysler 300 limousines and our 14-passenger Vanterras for the most luxurious and comfortable rides. Contact us today and start planning your best Virginia trip yet.

Plan Your Unforgettable Virginia Wine Tour This Year originally published by Camryn Limousine of Charlottesville

What’s Your Definition Of A Good Car?


Different people will have different answers for the question above because of their preferences. One person will consider a particular quality to be a must-have while another will not. However, there are critical aspects of a good car that will be a priority for most if not all car owners.

Technological advancements have changed every aspect of life, including daily transportation. These have contributed significantly to the improvement of car performance, as well as making them safer and more reliable. The following post gives an overview of some of the considerations you should consider when choosing your car:

9 Features Your Next Car Should Have

It used to be that power windows and locks were the epitome of luxury in vehicles. Today, they are the standard on most cars, and continuous developments in technology have gifted us with a great many more goodies and gadgets. Here are 10 features that are becoming standardized in many cars today and can make your commute easier and safer.

  1. Remote Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems allow you to unlock your car by pushing a button on a remote. The ability to quickly get into your car without fumbling for the key is an important safety feature, especially in poorly-lit areas. Read more at ThoughtCo…

good car selection

While you probably want a sleek car that’s aesthetically appealing, there are things that are much more important. So, what are the most important questions to ask about a prospective car before you buy it? Should you focus on the features, or the price, or both? The following post sheds some light on this dilemma:

Is Reliability, Price or Features Most Important When Buying a Car?

What do you look for when buying a car? The reason I ask is that we are on the verge of doing just that. Our two-year lease experiment with an electric car is coming to an end. We will not be renewing the lease and are looking at buying a car sometime in the next month.

We have been tossing several models back and forth and have made a trip to our local Carmax to check them out. All we know at this point is that we won’t be buying a brand new car, won’t be buying a black car (have one already) and won’t be buying another Suburban (that’s the one we have already).

But we are open to most anything else, provided it fits our family needs. And that is where the big question lies when it comes to buying a car? What is our biggest need? Read more at Luke 1428…

Every prospective car owner wants a reliable vehicle. A car that meets your expectations and even surpasses them will definitely be at the top of your list. However, you need to establish exactly what reliability means for you.

good car safety

Another important consideration to make when it comes to cars is safety. Does the car you are considering have the safety features you need? Does it offer optimum safety in case of an accident or does it miss features that would leave you vulnerable? The following post explains the benefits of having a car with enhanced safety features:

How Tesla saved my life

On January 5, 2016 shortly after 5 PM, I was headed out to see a client. As I headed westbound on the freeway, I saw a truck ahead of me lose control. The truck started fishtailing and careened across my path directly toward the median of the freeway. As the driver proceeded to over steer, the truck turned sharply to its left and came barreling at me head on. The result was a terrible three car accident. Somehow, because of my Tesla, I was able to walk away from the accident. Without any broken bones. There’s no doubt in my mind that had I been in any of my previous cars, I would be dead. At the very least, I would be permanently disabled. Read more at Tesla…

A good car is one that has safety features that can save your life. As such, make it a rule never to compromise on this important aspect. Such considerations should be made even when choosing a transport service. The cost alone should not determine the car company you choose. Choose a company with a good safety record and whose vehicles are well maintained.

good car reliable safe

Camryn Limousine is a Virginia transportation company that you can rely on. We have a range of luxury and business cars for all events and purposes, including business and luxury travel. If you are looking for reliable transportation services in Central Virginia, call us today!


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